Visual Storytelling for NGOs

How your organisation can stand out through strong images and reach and mobilise (also younger) people emotionally.

Most NGOs are in a dilemma: due to the high age structure of their community, they urgently need to win over the next generations. But younger target groups in particular are on the move on strongly visually oriented channels and perceive the classic NGO visual language as outmoded – and prefer to keep clicking.

Symptom of a deeper issue: the visual language of many NGOs dates back to the 70s and 80s. The crying Ethiopian girl with the hunger belly – such images may still reach older generations, but they are more likely to be rejected and lost by the majority of the target groups.

In the Visual Storytelling for NGOs workshop with Storywerk coach Nadja Masri, your teams will develop an awareness of a contemporary and consistent visual language for all communication areas in two modules that build on each other. In order to then practically adapt and use this depending on the medium or channel with tools from the areas of image editing and documentary photography.

So that your organisation stands out with a memorable, convincing and modern visual language. And can emotionally reach and mobilise its target groups with contemporary visual storytelling.

Visual Storytelling for NGOs

Trainer: Storywerk coach Nadja Masri Target group: NGOs, social enterprises, communication teams, marketing and social media teams, fundraising, (online) editorial teams, permanent/freelance photographers.


Professional handling and use of photos, targeted use of the power of the image, developing coherent new visual concepts

  • Visual communication trends in NGOs: best practice, stumbling blocks
  • Practical catalogue of criteria: What makes a good image/strong series? Analysis of own images/campaigns
  • Surprising image motifs: Breaking with common visual habits
  • Viewing and editing series: Shape and strengthen stories through selection and sequence of images
  • Expand repertoire: Use different visual narrative forms
  • Develop image strategies/image language: Which images fit our organisation/projects?
  • Practical work on your visual projects

Duration of the workshop: two modules, two days each.

Maximum 12 participants.

We would be happy to clarify with you where you are with your visual storytelling and where you want to go, and develop customised formats for you.

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