Social Media Audit

How to build your organisation’s social media presence or take it to the next level to really reach your target audience.

You have strong stories, but so far you develop and communicate your messages rather intuitively or driven by internal impulses? And you don’t really know who you are actually telling your stories to, who is listening to you and what exactly you are getting out of it?

Our experience: For sustainably successful and resource-saving social media storytelling, you need a well thought-out content strategy. And to develop this strategy, you need robust data.

The good news is that you already have this data. You just don’t have access to it. With our social media audit, our social media expert Kristina Kobilke closes this gap. In this inventory, we analyse your current presence and your existing communication in the social media environment.

Our external audit also examines the presence and behaviour of your competitors, customers and other interesting stakeholders with regard to successful formats, topics, storytelling and campaign mechanisms.

In addition, we conduct an internal audit and focus on the organisational and technical conditions of your social media activities. Both audits culminate in a SWOT analysis, from which we derive suitable measures for your social media strategy and storytelling together with you.

So that you develop a content strategy that really reaches the people you want to inspire and win for your organisation. To make the best possible use of your social media potential.

Social Media Audit

Storywerk-Consultant: Kristina Kobilke
Target group: Companies, NGOs, communication teams, marketing, PR, social media editorial teams.

We would be happy to clarify with you where you stand with your social media strategy and your storytelling and where exactly you want to go, and develop a tailor-made audit for you.

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