Media Training

How to professionalise your media presence and make your appearances an authentic, credible and confident performance.

The first impression counts. Whether you are introducing yourself or your organisation, presenting your product or project or appearing in a marketing video for your company – stage and camera capture and exaggerate every awkward pause, every unease, every tension. And every uncertainty makes your target groups skeptical.

The ability to act professionally in front of the camera, in online situations or in live presentations and appearances is a key communication skill and often determines the success or failure of your products or projects.

In her two-day media training, Storywerk coach and performance trainer Daniela Grittner shows you how to prepare sensibly and effectively for your appearances and present yourself credibly and confidently. So that you can communicate your messages convincingly and successfully.

Media Training

Trainer: Storywerk coach Daniela Grittner
Target group: Companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, managing directors, communication teams, press and public relations.


  • Mental mindset and inner attitude before the performance
  • Using breathing and pauses in a targeted way
  • Voice, articulation and modulation
  • Balancing body language and posture
  • Use of gestures and facial expressions
  • Harmonising body and voice
  • Speaking freely in front of the camera and audience
  • Increasing presence and elevator pitch training
  • Technical preparation
  • Concept work with structuring of speeches
  • Work on individual development areas and projects
  • Practical exercises with self-reflection and professional feedback

Duration of the workshop: two modules, one day each.

Maximum of 10 participants (also as individual training).

We would be happy to clarify with you where you are with your media presence and where you want to go, and develop customised formats for you.

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