Workshop Master Storytelling

How to develop strong stories in a structured and efficient manner, tell them in a captivating way and bind your target groups in the long term with attractive content.

You have great content and ideas, but it’s hard for you to bring a red thread into stories? And to decide which stories are really attractive for your target groups? If your stories are successful, do you feel that you have spent far too much time and energy on them?

In content marketing, good stories ensure likes, identification and success. They stimulate thought and action and provide orientation and meaning. As long as they inspire and touch your target group emotionally.

In our bestselling Master Storytelling workshop, Storywerk expert and coach Tobias Oellig immerses you in the principles of timelessly good storytelling. You will learn how to select and develop the optimal stories for your target groups and translate them into exciting stories. And how even abstract or complex content can be made understandable and experienceable for your target groups.

After the workshop, you will be able to identify the core of a story in just a few steps and thus bring clarity and direction to your material quickly and effectively. You plan your stories in a structured way and transform them step by step into excitingly staged narratives.

So that your storytelling has the best possible effect. And your community listens to you and feels connected to you – so you can successfully bring your vision into the world.

Master Storytelling

Trainer: Storywerk coach Tobias Oellig
Target group: Companies (B2B, B2C), NGOs, foundations, communication teams, (online) editorial teams, employees and managers from the fields of marketing and corporate communication


  • Story Finding: Where are the really strong stories?
  • Topic and story development, structured and target group oriented
  • Step-by-step construction of exciting stories
  • Selection and use of strong protagonists (target group oriented)
  • Story drive: creating tension
  • Red thread: Providing orientation, telling the story in a comprehensible way
  • Variation & change of perspective: positioning of your organisation as story, as main protagonist, as narrator
  • Telling the vision and mission authentically: Storytelling, storydoing, storyexperiencing, storyscaping
  • Storytelling tools, dramaturgical tricks of the trade
  • (Re)discovering creativity and the joy of storytelling, inspiration, fun at work.


Duration of the workshop: 2×2 days.

Maximum 12 participants.

We would be happy to clarify with you where you are with your storytelling and where you want to go, and develop customised formats for you.

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